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Scott Sorenson Realtor for Naples Luxury Real EstateI was born and raised in Minnesota, and worked/lived in Wayzata (Minneapolis) for 55+ years.  I played all the sports, but mostly golf in high School and College.
After high school in 1969 and then graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1973 with a BS degree in Business Economics Accounting, I started my career in computer sales with Unisys. In 1976 I realized I was in love with real estate, and started with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate (now CB Richard Ellis) and specialized in investment sales including all commercial real estate sales, but most of my work was residential multi-family buildings (apartment/condo buildings).
After one year brokering, I started buying buildings for myself - owning properties is the best way to learn what you are doing. Then as the brokering years went by and my buildings were remodeled, I learned how to increase income and - create appreciation. Values are created the same way in Naples by creating a detailed complete design or remodeling a poor design before the condo or home is sold. Proper design will create interest and will always sell fast and for more money.
In 1992- 2007 I developed a business at Wells Fargo Advisors where I managed personal Portfolio’s for individuals. My partner and I managed 200 million dollars and controlled clients complete retirement portfolio’s using diversified money managers and fixed income assets. Our clients were mostly CFO’s, CEO’s, attorneys, and other senior executives.  During this time I continued to manage my real estate projects in Naples and finally moved to Naples full time in 2005.
In 1998 I started buying property in Naples for myself and shortly after for friends in Minnesota. Mostly in the Vanderbilt beach area buying beach/canal homes, and then after getting married to mimi (owner of Mimi jolie maison, inc.) I started working with her business of high end luxury homes – Full Architectural Detailing Interior Design Services. 
I know it makes a good team, to have 45 plus years of real estate experience (with 23 plus years of buying property in Naples), together with Mimi’s decades of practice in architect and interior design on high end luxury homes. Her last 25 years in Naples just finishes off the background you want.
Mimi has worked and lived in Naples, working with most of the developer builders, on their models and with her client projects in their buildings. This has given her the experience to know most of the buildings and developers - good and bad buildings. Mimi can quickly give you her opinion of the floor plan changes required, to make the property meet your standards.
We both live in Naples full time and enjoy real estate. Our clients can explain how we help, make your home selection and create designs to make living in Naples, far exceed your expectations. 

  • I know you will enjoy and appreciate our help in that process.
  • I understand the most important person in the real estate experience is YOU!
  • I will work with you as a team, because I strive in getting the best possible results for YOU!
  • I am proactive and aggressive in proving a complete marketing package for YOU!
  • My goal is to make your real estate experience a complete SUCCESS FOR YOU!
  • My real estate experience and past successes all work for YOU!
  • My specialty is YOU!

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Mimi Gabr-Sorenson
Luxury Residential Interiors

Mimi Gabr-Sorenson Interior Designer for Luxury Real EstateMimi Gabr received her Architect degree from the Art Institue of Paris, France and Interior Design Degree from the Art Institute of Paris, France and La Salle University in Chicago Illinois. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Design, A.S.I.D. as well as the Interior Design Society, I.D.S. Mimi is also NCIDQ certified, Florida Licence Number: 0004432

Mimi Gabr is trilingual, she is fluent in English, French, and Arabic.

Head Designer - Owner

Mimi Jolie Maison, Inc. is an award winning high end Interior Design firm specialized in custom design for large residential projects and model merchandizing for developers/owners in Individual homes and Condo's. Mimi's design flair is a result of her European upbringing, education in Paris and Chicago, international travel and decades of practice.

"We get involved in the project from the beginning stages when you buy your home or purchase your land. We design your reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, walls, cabinetry, flooring, draperies, etc. We are your direct source for high quality furniture, rugs, accessories, flooring, etc. We purchase directly from the manufacturer so there is no middle man, which in return saves the client a lot of money."

"Our firm works directly with owners, developers/builders, and architects to create a state of the art interior. We take your ideas and dreams of how your place should look and transfer that dream to reality. We design with flair that you will appreciate."

"Our job is to take your vision and create that enduring, comfortable, and elegant look that is only your own."

"Our clientele base includes owners and CEO, of large companies and highly successful entrepreneurs. We design more than one residence for most of our clients. Our clients are well traveled, distinguished, and expect their homes to be beautiful, comfortable, and functional while suiting their lifestyles. We specialize in Value - value in service and merchandise that sets us apart from other designers and furniture manufacturers. We help you realize your vision with the comfort, flair, and beauty you are accustom to."

Staff for Luxury Real Estate Interiors

Our staff includes highly qualified licensed designers, architects, space planners, drafters, and cabinet designers. We all work together as a team within your time frame and budget. The project is done from start to finish under one roof in a highly professional yet laid back manner.

Our Services

  • Full Architectural Detailing Interior Design Services.
  • Mimi is her own Project Manager - so no extra fees are charged to hire a project manager and you get better results.
  • All Phases of the Design from start to finish are done under one roof - more control and less expenses for clients
  • Works closely with your Developer or Architect during Pre-constructon.
  • Custom Cabinet and Ceiling Designs.
  • State of the Art Equipment and Design Programs and a Great Staff to help execute the project.

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