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We can help you find a luxury vacation rental in a condo or a house,
as you consider buying in the Naples area.

Most people rent to find out what they want and if they like our city enough to purchase. It’s best to rent something close to where you’ll buy, which may be near the beach, on a golf course or in a special development in Naples.

Because my wife and I have been in Real Estate and Interior Design for 25+ years and have lived here in Naples for 13+ years we know the city and its developments from our business. We know why people move from one place to another!

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Call me, Scott Sorenson, at (239) 919-0047 or Email me: SSorenson@Comcast.Net, and I'll share with you, valuable insights I have gained through experience in the Luxury Condo and Luxury House Rental Market of the Naples area communities.
We have many sources to find rentals:
Rental agencies, owners, all MLS listings, my personal homes, the internet and our clients. Its work to find a rental and then determine if it matches what you want, but we can help by explaining your options, getting pictures, interactive maps and then look at it - for our personal opinion.

I hope this will help you while getting to know Naples – we do it every day and really enjoy it.

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